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    How To Lighten Your Mental Load


    I’ve started keeping a running list of personal open loops: buying plane tickets, getting my hair cut, getting a chair for the guest room, buying new sunglasses.

    I then assign myself one big project, and two smaller projects per week. Three projects is doable, so I don’t feel like I’m mentally overloaded. On the other hand, three projects is enough to make progress.”


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    Purpose & Passion

    in the past 24 hours, i’ve picked up 3 related quotes/lessons from 3 different sources that seemed quite unrelated at first. so inspiring that i decided to blog.

    1) anything worth doing is worth overdoing
    2) if everyone in the entire world followed Catholic teaching, imagine how much struggle & strife would go away.
    3) discover your purpose. then only after doing it for 10,000+ hours can you be great at it & accomplish your dream.

    lesson #2 came from the homily at a Catholic mass. a little biased, but there may be truth to it. there’s the obvious truths of loving one another, turning the other cheek, etc. but then i thought, what about the branches of Christianity? what says Catholicism is THE one religion? so i began to think about the controversial topics that set apart Catholicism from other christian denominations. topics such as pro-choice, birth control, gay rights. if everyone was pro-life, there would be no question of when life begins. if no one believed in birth control, the sanctity of sex and life would be valued more. i’m still stuck on the gay issue; but even if gay emotions are instilled at birth, we could say gay people share the same struggle of sexual temptations that pre-marital couples, priests, and nuns face. the only difference is that married couples eventually get to experience this act of love, whereas the others are called to live a different life. touchy topic.

    lessons #1 and #3 relate, except #1 came from an atheist and #3 came from a christian Church sermon (passion city church). oh the irony. your character is not built during your moment of fame. your character is built during the small beginnings of your journey. when money, fame, and recognition are taken away, your true motives are revealed. (BAM!) at first, i thought my passion & purpose was related to my career & business. then during worship, as i opened my heart to God, the Holy Spirit guided me into a different direction. the direction that God’s been pulling me in since sophomore year in college. apologetics. defending my faith through information and logic. i need to change my attitude from “i should read this, i should read that” to actually buying the book, reading it, taking notes, and discussing it with others, both believers and non-believers. my faith is worth living. my faith is worth “overdoing”.

    the speaker said “no matter what job you have, i guarantee that the opportunity to talk about your faith will come up. and you need to be able to let God’s word overflow through you." the double lesson here is to be the best worker you can be, so that you have an admirable character rooted in God. otherwise, your lazy example of a worker will destroy any credibility of your religion/values. i want to be ready when that time comes.

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A well dressed man is more attractive to me than a shirtless man with a six pack.

    A well dressed man is more attractive to me than a shirtless man with a six pack.

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    What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?

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  5. i love them.

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    What Really Motivates People

    By Jeb Blount

    The reality is that motivating people is extremely simple. Psychologists and social scientists have proven time and again that the most powerful motivators of people are achievement and the recognition of that achievement. It is important to note that these two elements cannot be separated. Achievement in the absence of recognition is rarely rewarding, and recognition in absence of achievement is empty.

    Recognition, to be effective, must be directed at achievement, big and small. Most leaders find it easy to recognize the big achievements. However, where the top leaders excel is in consistently recognizing the many small achievements required for big things to happen.

    One of the easiest ways to motivate people for small achievements is to catch them doing something right and recognize them for it. The secret is paying attention. Recognizing small, everyday achievements is difficult for leaders who are under pressure to produce results because they are often so focused on delivering on plans, tasks, or fixing a problem that it is easy to forget to take time to pat people on the back.

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    10 Things that can Wreck your Life


    1. Not living in the moment. Always wishing you were somewhere else, doing something different with other people.

    2. Blaming your problems on your past. Although the past affects us, it need not define us. We can choose, decide and act – and take control…

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    modern style. i could do without the natural scenery tho.

    modern style. i could do without the natural scenery tho.

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    35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects

    a few of these are so simple, you wonder why you didn’t think of it!



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